Starting the car in cold temperatures

Starting the car in cold temperatures can have a negative effect on the life of the engine.But if we do it in an appropriate way we can avoid the risk.

We think that the technology of our vehicle is prepared for these things, but not everything should depend on technology we must know how to use it.

Do not start the car in cold temperatures with accelerations

If the engine has a cold temperature, it is advisable not to start it with accelerations to warm it up.

The car would have to get the working temperature so as not to force it.

Wait a few minutes with the engine running

In general you should wait a while for the car to get the temperature to adapt, so the vehicle is prepared to face the low temperatures.

If the car is many years old, the recommendable thing is to wait longer for it to take the temperature to adapt.

Keep an eye on your car’s battery when it’s cold

The colder the battery gets, the harder it is to do its job.

If the battery is changed in time we will avoid future problems.

Control antifreeze

The antifreeze helps us so that the engine does not suffer so much from the temperature.

Antifreeze is also made so that the parts that come into contact do not rust.

Starting the car in cold temperatures
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