Brakes how they wear and what to do

Do the brake pads on the front wheels wear out the same as those on the rear wheels?

When braking most of the weight of the vehicle falls on the wheels of the front axle as a result of the action of braking and wear is greater and premature.

Every time I have to change the brake pads?

It depends on the type of brake and the use that is made but the normal thing is to change them every 25,000 or 30,000 Km. But if they are soft pills it is every 20,000 Km. They must also be changed when cracks come out or their thickness is less than 3mm.

Do I have to make more force than usual when braking the car?

The brake system has a device that amplifies the force we make to the pedal. If this device is in poor condition it does not assist when we brake and we have to make more force against the brake pedal.

When should the brake fluid be changed?

The replacement period is established by the manufacturer but the normal would be every 40,000 km or every 2 years.

Why should the brake fluid be changed?

Brake fluid loses properties over time. Over time it absorbs moisture from the air and accumulates water. When this liquid passes through the brake circuit the water turns into steam and creates bubbles that produce a spongy touch on the brake pedal and decreases the effectiveness of the system.

Brakes how they wear and what to do
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