Tires every when to change them and how to change them

The pneumatics must have a regular drawing on the entire surface of 1.6mm depth as a minimum.

The pression of the inflation must be the one that the pneumatic (or the manufacturer) initiates.

The pneumatic is advisable to inflate it in cold because in hot it is possible that the characteristics of volume and pression can vary.

It is also advisable not to forget that the recanvio wheel must be kept at a pression a little higher than indicated by the tire.

Each time the tyres have to be exchanged?

At least every 10,000 km to achieve a more proportional distribution of their wear and a longer duration.

How are the car’s tires exchanged?

The permutation of the tires depends on factors such as the traction of the car (rear, front or total) or whether the tires have assigned direction of rotation.

What are indicators TWI?

Indicators TWI are the indicators of the wear of the tires of the vehicle also known as TreadWear Indicator.

What is the tire load index?

The tire load index is the numerical code that indicates the maximum load that the tire itself can withstand.

By law it is established that the tires of a vehicle must be mounted with the index equal to or greater than the origin. You cannot mount a tire with the speed index lower than the original speed.

When to check tyre pressure?

Tire pressure at least one sees a month or before a long trip. Don’t forget to also check the pressure of the spare wheel.

How I check my tyre pressure?

Check the pressure of preferably cold tires that have not driven more than 4 km. at low speed.

Tires every when to change them and how to change them
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