• Brakes how they wear and what to do

    Do the brake pads on the front wheels wear out the same as those on the rear wheels? When braking most of the weight of the vehicle falls on the wheels of the front axle as a result of the action of braking and wear is greater and premature. Every time I have to change […]

  • Types of engines and how they differ

    Gasoline engine It is known as a four-stroke engine. It works with gasoline thanks to a thermodynamic base that converts the energy of ignition by the mixture of air and fuel into mechanical energy. Diesel engine This engine is used by means of transport that require more power and also for long journeys. Electric engine […]

  • Tires every when to change them and how to change them

    The pneumatics must have a regular drawing on the entire surface of 1.6mm depth as a minimum. The pression of the inflation must be the one that the pneumatic (or the manufacturer) initiates. The pneumatic is advisable to inflate it in cold because in hot it is possible that the characteristics of volume and pression […]

  • Starting the car in cold temperatures

    Starting the car in cold temperatures can have a negative effect on the life of the engine.But if we do it in an appropriate way we can avoid the risk. We think that the technology of our vehicle is prepared for these things, but not everything should depend on technology we must know how to […]

  • Exhaust system and every time to check it

    How often is it advisable to check the exhaust ducts? It is advisable to check the exhaust pipes every 20,000 km. It is a quick operation with which we can detect breakdowns and thus prevent major and costly damage. How often is a catalyst changed? Under normal conditions the catalysts are usually replaced every 80,000 […]

  • Suspension and shock absorbers and what to do when they are in poor condition

    What happens if you drive with damp shock absorbers? The shock absorbers have the function of getting the tires to be in continuous contact with the asphalt. Therefore a damper in poor condition means less grip on the road, lack of control, instability and an increase in braking dystacia. What is the replacement interval of […]

  • Engine oil change every when to change it

    Today’s oils allow you not to have to canviate the oil so often. The right type of oil for the engine must be taken into account Types of engine oils Synthetic motor oil: They are oils from petroleum with special additives so that they can the temperature and conditions to extend the shelf life. Mineral […]

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